Sylvia Johnson Celebrant



Ceremonies are important to humanity and society, and whether they celebrate birth, marriage or death, important milestones or occasions, they are all vital in our need to mark the transitions and achievements of life.


They also act as a catalyst in bringing families and friends together in a showing of support, unity, friendship and love, and more than ever in this somewhat stressful and fast world of today, it is necessary to take ‘time out’ to embrace them and one another.


Parenthood is a serious involvement that can never be entered into through any form of light heartedness. Becoming a parent or parents should be acknowledged as a wonderful act of life giving, nurturing and fulfilment, and should be celebrated.


A Civil Naming Ceremony is an alternative to a religious Christening or Baptism, however they can include a prayer, a blessing or reference to a God or a religious entity.


They can and invariably do involve various people and sweet touches .....


  • the appointment of Guardians, God-parents or mentors
  • reference or involvement of Siblings, Grand-parents, Aunts & Uncles, Cousins & Nieces and close friends.
  • a piece of poetry, a reading or a specially written piece can be given by anyone, especially the parent/s
  • symbolic touches through the lighting of candles, the singing of a song, planting of a tree, releasing of balloons and small gifts or written wishes
  • and afterwards a party with fun party food that even the grown-ups enjoy.



bear balloon