Sylvia Johnson Civil Celebrant

..... over a thousand times for the marriage ceremonies, more than seven hundred at funeral farewells, plus many for commitments and namings; and with each and every one of them, I have shared in some of the most intimate times in people's lives. Euphoric, joyful times; miserable, wretched times. I have shed tears of happiness and tears of sadness with people from all walks of life, of every age and from many cultures. It has been a most privileged and enriching experience.


I have been 'on a high' when the marriage ceremony is so exquisite it touched my romantic heart, the same heart that has quietly cried through a tragic or unexpected funeral; with namings of babies, it's all smiles of family fulfilment and pride, whilst commitment and renewal ceremonies bring their own unique expressions. Through a long career in the restaurant-hospitality-events industry (including Directing the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival), I enjoy challenges and finding points of difference. Yes, I love delicious food and wine; animals, music, gardening and Winnie the Pooh!! ..... life is rich.


Sincere, warm, modern with a distinctive voice; a keen eye for detail and when appropriate ..... some fun.



"You need to dance like there's nobody watching; love like you'll never be hurt; sing like there's nobody listening and live like it's heaven on earth." ~ William W. Purkey



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